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Review Prodotti Occhi

1) Review Absolute Eye Colour and Kohl Kajal by Catrice / Eye Shadow, Long Lasting Stick Eyeshadow and 30 days extension daily treatment mascara by Kiko

2) Review I love stage eyeshadow base by Essence

3) Review Palette n° 943 Smokey Greens by NYC / Multi Action Blackest Black Mascara , Gel eyeliner, Colour Arts Pigment, Colour Arts eye base, Long Lasting eye pencil by Essence

4) Review Struccante occhi e labbra bi-fase per occhi sensibili by Clinians

5) Review Expertise Struccante delicato occhi e labbra by L'Oreal Dermo

6) Review Salviette struccanti delicate biologiche all'olio di Argan by I Provenzali Bio

7) Review Glitter mascara top coat, Glamorous eye pencil by Kiko / Illusion D'Ombre by Chanel / Lash gel mascara by Essence

8) Review Palette "True Colour 6 in 1 - Neutral Eyes" by AVON

9)  Review EyeBrow stylist set and Stay all day long lasting eyeshadow by Essence / Definition Waterproof Eyeliner by Kiko / Glimmerstick Diamonds Eyeliner by Avon

10) Review Mascara top coat incurvante, Mascara top coat volumizzante by Kiko / Lashes to Kill Waterproof volume mascara by Catrice

11) Review Palette 4 ombretti by INGLOT / 3D Eyeshadow and My Skin - Caring cleansing wipes ( salviette struccanti ) by Essence / 24ore metal eyeshadow by Deborah Milano

12) Review Mascara Inimitable n° 10 Noir Black , Mascara Sublime de Chanel n° 10 Deep Black by Chanel

13) Review Soul Color - Waterproof eyeshadow by Astra / I love Extreme - Volume Mascara by Essence

14) Review Nude' tude palette by The Balm

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